Rev.Dr.E.Vedachalam, his wife and sons have dedicated for God's work and have quite a thorough knowledge of the Bible. So they are able to give counseling for various types of problems in the families, for youth, for students, children and parents. You may send your queries, personal problems and prayer requests to us which will be kept highly confidential.

The youth of today are caught by bonds of sin of satan and have changed their culture, life and freedom and are not able to come out of the sin. They have disgraced their parents, money, life, knowledge and status and are slaves to many drugs.

We give counseling for these youths and help them de-addict of their habits and we give the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to them.

Youths from various religion are being countered and their darkened life is turned by the grace of the Lord we council them towards salvation and life saving.By the grace of the Lord, he has given us the knowledge and wisdom to counsel the fallen souls into salvation

By this ministry we are able to lead the sick evil possessed and the cursed into salvation and eternal blessings